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Cracks For AVAST 2014 Any Version PRO !


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This Crack works for

Avast Internet Security 2014
Avast Premier 2014
Avast Free Anti Virus 2014

Avast’s new layout is a unique and clean take on managing security. Rather than copying a flat Metro look like so many others, Avast organizes its environment and prioritizes it in a sensible manner. Flat icons and subtle menu animations look great, secondary pop-out menus don’t feel cluttered, and the toggle icon also helps create a cleaner experience.

How to Crack and Activate ?

There is always a risk of Avast starting to crash after cracking.In such a case you will have re-install Avast.This is rare case and happens to only some of users

Download and install the latest version of avast! edition (Internet Security,Free or Premier)
After installation go to avast settings > troubleshooting and disable avast! self-defense module
If you are a Windows xp user, run AVAST XP ZeNiX.reg file
Now download and install ZeNiX 2014-01-11 ( setup password : ZeNiX)
when installation is completed Restart your computer
After Restart Turn on Avast Silent/gaming mode [image] – it will keep your activation forever
Enable Avast self defense module now ( if you want )
That’s it ! You got Avast till 2050 !!


You must turn off avast! self-defense module to use the Crack
You can use this on avast! Free version too. it will give you subscription till 2050 ( so no need of renewing )
You can use avast without restarting after installing ZeNiX. but the activation will be enabled only if you restart your computer
You can install any update including avast application updates and virus-definition updates while using this subscription. ( if anything goes wrong, just reinstall the crack )
Use the given license with the Crack, if your activation goes back to trial !



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  1. hallo Inam bhai dil khush hay mera kay aap nay survey system khatam kiya hay if correct then thanks alottt

  2. dear sir

    download links are very slow plz do something

    air jee plz kuch kiziye………………..

  3. hi inam.well done
    thanks from morocco

  4. the crack files is broken it doesnt load

  5. nvm it work now sorry for that btw thanks for the free anti virus

  6. i have downloaded the internet security.its say that it is not activated after runing that NeZiX M USING WINDOWS 7


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